Welcome to Happyly’s documentation!

Happyly is a scalable solution for systems which handle any kind of messages.

Happyly helps to abstract your business logic from messaging stuff, so that your code is maintainable and ensures separation of concerns.

Have you ever seen a codebase where serialization, message queue managing and business logic are mixed together like a spaghetti? I have. Imagine switching between Google Pub/Sub and Django REST Framework. Or Celery. This shouldn’t be a nightmare but it often is.

Here’s the approach of Happyly:

  • Write you business logic in universal Handlers, which don’t care at all how you serialize things or send them over network etc.

  • Describe your schemas using ORM/Framework-agnostic technology.

  • Plug-in any details of messaging protocol, serialization and networking. Change them with different drop-in replacements at any time.

Happyly can be used with Flask, Celery, Django, Kafka or whatever technology which can be utilized for messaging. Happyly also provides first-class support of Google Pub/Sub.

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